COVID-19 Open Data Project

Collaborated with Google on the COVID-19 Open Data Repository. The project was one of the most comprehensive collections of up-to-date COVID-19 related data. It tracked sub-national cases and vaccine deployment data for 20,000+ distinct locations in 190+ countries. The work was used by the WHO, World Bank, IMF, Harvard Research, USAID, and Verily to name a few.

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Barriers for returning citizens

We implemented a small pilot project in the United States to identify barriers that returning citizens face in order to begin brainstorming possible solutions for these problems. Eight issues were identified that can potentially be addressed. Read more →

Nigerian Economic Data

We looked at a variety of different measures of the overall economic well being in Nigeria for each of the country’s 36 states. We analyzed GDP measures, income data, poverty statistics, and employment numbers for each state. Read more →

Comparison: Brazil & Argentina

The report researches Brazil and Argentina as comparative case study to determine the main issues in the region, the current measures in place and which have been successful, and what problems have not yet been solved. Read more →

How it works

Our approach is experimentation with an emphasis on probing, sensing, and then responding.


We find missing data

We aggregate and publicly share open data. When needed, we implement our own research to collect data.


We analyze it

Our method is an iterative approach, where the lessons learned are used to find patterns and refine our approach.


We publish & share

We publish our research and insights to fuel progress in the field. Our aim is to use evidence to disrupt systems.

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Data License: All of our data is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. You can use it for any purpose you want, provided that proper attribution is given.
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