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We work with decision-makers — in public, government, and private sectors — to help make systems more effective and just for young adults being endangered financially.

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Research & Design

Our research and design methodology is based on generating significant outcomes for our esteemed partners. We consider our partners as valued intellectual collaborators, and we firmly believe that enhancing their capabilities and facilitating them in effectively addressing the requirements of their communities can yield profound outcomes.

Open Data Aggregation
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Featured Work

We choose our work and our partners intentionally based on research, data and capacity with an eye for measurable impact.

Open Data Repository

Our work was used by the World Bank, WHO, IMF, Harvard Research, USAID, and Verily to name a few.
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Financial Education

Before pivoting to financial health, we focused on education products and reached 1M+ globally.
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Comparative Case Study: Brazil & Argentina

Identified root issues in the region, the current measures in place and which have been successful, and suggestions on moving forward.
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Nigerian Economic Data

Examined a variety of different measures of the overall economic well-being of Nigeria at the sub-national level. Analyzed GDP measures, income data, and additional statistics.
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The world entered the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in early 2020. Since then, we’ve lost 2.5M lives. This is a disease that infects people when they come together. Yet, coming together is also how we’ll defeat this disease. That is exactly what FinMango has done. FinMango rose to the meet the moment by assisting the Covid-19 Open Data project accumulate data to arm researchers, data scientists, and policymakers with life saving information.

Aurora Cheung
Techical Program Manager, Google
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