FinMango is a non-profit organization solving complex problems that endanger the financial health of young adults in transition.

Our vision

Economic equity for all by 2050.
What we do
How we do it
Who we work with
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Leading the organization

FinMango is a social impact collective. We are founders, engineers, designers, researchers, and so much more. We are obsessed with the traditions of creating impact and fanatically devoted to excellence. FinMango was built by young adults, for young adults.

Scott Glasgow

Founder & CEO

Oscar Wahltinez

Co-Founder, CTO & Board

Soham Patel

Co-Founder & Strategy

Sarah Cherian

Strategic Planning & Design

Jack Enkema


Katherine Lordi

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Chris Shannon

Senior Advisor

Bruna Chixaro

International Law & Affairs

Sure, we do amazing stuff and our team is incredible. But it's what we're here for and what we stand for that's particularly, well ... amazing. Our values:

Globally Inclusive

We work to inspire coalitions and are, in turn, deeply inspired by those who share our passion.

Insatiably Curious

We never stop learning. We deploy new knowledge to increase our capacity and to explore what might be possible.

Boldly Optimistic

We pursue a better life for all with boundless passion.

Fanatically Focused

We choose our work and our partners intentionally based on research, data and capacity with an eye for measurable impact.

Honest & Transparent

We are humble enough to recognize our own shortcomings, open enough to share our work and brave enough to shine light on system failures.

We are filled with this righteous passion to make opportunity universal and sustainable through financial health, and more specifically, economic equity.

More than 44 million working households—representing more than 90 million people across the United States—struggle to pay their bills each month. Nearly four in 10 households can’t withstand an unexpected monthly expense greater than $400 [1]. Globally, the majority of the population in many countries are financially ill-prepared to weather a prolonged income shock. According to a study that mapped global financial resilience, more than two-thirds of adults in Kenya, Vietnam, Greece, Chile, Colombia and Bangladesh would not be able to cover basic needs for three months using just their savings or by selling assets in the event they lost their incomes [2]. The work we do is important and it enables 8 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

FinMango is not about lowering expectations; it’s about having a say and believing in a more just future – a future with better  jobs, careers, and quality of life for all so everyone can thrive in a crisis-laden era.

Alongside our peers and professional allies, we pledge to fight for economic equity for all by 2050. Will you join us?

Why FinHealth?

Our work enables 8 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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