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Extensive content and well organized. Particularly appreciated the framework for evaluating a mutual fund. "Best 90 minutes of my life!

Patricia Page, PhD

Teacher (Rhode Island)

As a Financial Educator myself, I find this training is BEYOND AWESOME!!!! I wish more students take advantage of this FREE training! I LOVE the cycle of market emotions & the ways to reduce risk slides.

Mikki Venekamp

Financial Wellness Coach (Maryland)

I learned so much practical knowledge about investing that I am going to implement in my own life. I enjoyed the engaging presentation that broke down complicated topics into more simple concepts. Thank you to the whole FinMango team for hosting the event! I will definitely be sharing this resource with my fellow graduate student friends.

Mandy Pinheiro

PhD student at Boston University

Living in a small community, I've already received wonderful, heartfelt feedback from parents as well as grandparents about their student's experience with FinMango. I have no doubt that my students will continue to learn about investing on their own, knowing the importance and impact early investing can have on their lives.

Jill Wilson

Teacher (Colorado)

Going in I was a student who never really thought about investing and didn’t really know what a stock was and coming out of the class, I probably know more than most adults… which I think is really amazing.

Nick Falasco

Student (Ohio)

Mango Bob was by far the most interesting speaker on a topic people often times avoid and hate talking about. He educates you on topics that you think you know but you really don't, and helps you notice things that have been hidden in plain sight! This program is not just for high schoolers but even a 5th grader has the ability to understand it.

Avneesh Sawhney

Financial Analyst at Adobe

Lessons / Guides / Simulators

How to become a millionaireSnap-sized lessonsCompany benefits & definitions guidePortfolio simulatorFIRE calculatorBattle of the IRAs calculatorSmall business digital guideRoth IRA calculatorRule of 72 calculatorMangoTalksMango X

Bob Gillingham

Bob’s story started as a proud Illini from the University of Illinois. He soon after joined the United States Army, where he worked with top secret documents during the Vietnam War. Bob later took over the Gillingham Ford dealership in Parma, Ohio and now has a passion to give back to the Community that has given him so much. He has been teaching financial literacy for over 40 years and has been expanding his reach now that he is semi-retired. Last year, Bob reached over 8,000 high school students in Ohio, Oregon, and Colorado. He’s the founder and lead trainer for our FinVest: How To Become A Millionaire program and serves on the FinMango board.


Rich Hoag

Rich’s story started at the University of Toledo where he holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He later went on to work at FirstEnergy in Akron, Ohio for 38 years before retiring in April of 2016. He has coached or managed a girls CYO softball team for 9 years. Rich also coached Brunswick Youth Sports Girls’ slow pitch softball for 9 years and was also an assistant coach on an independent softball team where the team won berths to play in 3 National Championship tournaments. Rich serves as the co-lead trainer for FinVest, and has previously served on the Board of Directors of Catholic Charities. Rich is married with 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.

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