Open Data Project

Collaborated with Google Health to develop the world's most extensive COVID dataset, which meticulously tracked case numbers and vaccine distribution across more than 20,000 unique locations in over 190 countries. This project provided critical, detailed insights at a sub-national level, aiding in the global understanding and response to the pandemic.

This deliverable reviews global immigration policies, focusing on climate change impacts, regional challenges, and migration trends. It suggests improvements in tracking and NGO partnerships.

SEED Consulting and FinMango developed a report on a Climate Migration Trend Scanner, detailing strategy, target audiences, data sources, and machine learning for future technology applications.

This project uses machine learning to analyze real-time data for predicting climate change's impact on global migration. It offers a web tool with insights for policymakers, researchers, and the public, helping them prepare for increased climate-induced displacement.

Brazil's financial ecosystem is vast and complex, with various types of financial service providers coexisting. From our research, we've identified six key sectors within this ecosystem, each with their own unique landscape, players, macroeconomic effects, and challenges.

This report breaks down financial health, analyzes existing financial health surveys, and suggestions ways to move forward.

We have collected financial data dating back to 1970 and built this portfolio simulator, so you can see how different portfolios and strategies would have performed in a variety of economic conditions. Your answers to the following questions will be used to initialize the simulator parameters.

Learn about money, investing, and everything in-between. Delivered in snapchat style format.
All of the technology is open sourced on GitHub for easy collaboration and improvement.

Want to become a millionaire someday πŸ’²πŸ“ˆ? Two major ways to invest your money to build wealth are two Individual Retirement Accounts: TRADITIONAL IRA and ROTH IRA. You can open just one or both!

FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It is a movement in the space of personal finance that encourages people to live well within their means, and aggressively save money towards early retirement.

This guide is brought to you by the Wahltinez Foundation and FinMango. It is a resource for small business owners to efficiently bring their business to the digital era.

The rule of 72 is a popular formula used to roughly estimate how long it will take for your investments to double in time assuming a constant rate of return.

Two major ways to build wealth for your future and retirement are opening investment accounts such as a ROTH IRA. Unlike other types of accounts, your Roth IRA balance GROWS TAX-FREE and you can start at any age.

So you just got a job offer? Congrats!! If you’re at all confused about some of the benefits your new job may come with (or simply wish to brush up) then you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of common, but not mandatory, company benefits.

A diverse group of volunteers who built and launched technologies that aimed to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people. The work ended up reaching over 100k people and it products continue to be used by teachers across the United States.

Financial illiteracy is widespread in Argentina's lower-income households, limiting access to credit and economic growth, necessitating improved public-private partnerships for better financial education and opportunities.

FinMango's analysis of Nigeria's economic data revealed key issues like outdated information and limited reporting sources, highlighting the need for standardized data collection. To address these challenges, FinMango advocates for improved data reporting and is developing automated data collection tools.

This presentation aims to understand and brainstorm solutions for the wide-ranging barriers faced by returning citizens, identified through interviews. Additionally, it seeks to prioritize which of these issues can feasibly be addressed.

The FinMango EXTRAVAGANZA was the world’s most unique financial inclusion conference in history. It consisted of 24 straight hours (a WORLD RECORD on ZOOM) of LIVE keynotes, workshops, and panels from speakers across the world. Over 750 people attended and over 300,000 people were reached on social media.