2014 - 2015

The story begins in a 2014 class discussion at Kent State University. At the time, it was just that. An idea inspired by two professors: Dr. Via and Dr. Thornton. Ideas often come and go, but Scott knew this one was different. He knew it could be something more. Something bigger.

Early 2016

Scott Glasgow launches an energy bar company with a financial literacy foundation. The name was inspired by his Financial Management class and mangoes for brightness. FinMan + Mango! The business fails, but the foundation lives on. Check out the awful first logo:

Late 2016

In November, the first domestic program launched at the JRC Center in Canton, Ohio with Jon Li and Scott Glasgow. In December, our first international program launched when a Togolese NGO searched for financial management on Google. Instead of finding financial management in Mango, Togo (a city), they found FinMango in Ohio. The program later expands to 13 different countries.


Scott speaks to 500 students at the University of Akron Finance Day and meets Bob Gillingham. The passion was mutually infectious and Bob (aka mango Bob now) joins Finmango to launch an investing program. The program later expands to schools across the United States. 50,000+ students reached so far (6,000 - 8,000 a year in NE Ohio).


FinMango creates a new form of crypto-currency designed for financial education. CryptoMango (Ticker: MNGO) was a token in the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC-20 token standard. Announced product in San Francisco at a JP Morgan Chase Foundation event. It was ultimately decided to not launch the product as there were too many risks associated with the emerging field. FinMango India was also formed with Harish Sharma and Gautham Kannan.


FinMango launches the Fincubator with Stephen Nzishura and Fern Morrison in Uganda. A youth accelerator program focused on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The program creates 12 businesses and 211 bank accounts through 2020.


- EXTRAVAGANZA launches as the world’s most unique financial inclusion conference in history. It consisted of 24 hours (a WORLD RECORD on ZOOM) of LIVE keynotes, workshops, and panels from speakers across the world. Over 1600 people attended and over 300,000 people were reached on social media live streams.

- The FinMango Advocacy Alliance launches as a passionate community of financial literacy & inclusion advocates. 300+ people have been accepted from 70+ countries so far!


FinMango Awarded $50,000 Grant from Google Health to Continue Collaboration on the COVID-19 Open Data Project. The Project is the world's most comprehensive COVID-19 dataset that tracks sub-national cases and vaccine deployment data for 20,000+ distinct locations in over 190 countries. Our data has influenced vaccine research, government public policy decisions, and travel safety measures, amongst other things. Additionally, our data has been used by numerous international organizations, including The WHO (Covax), The World Bank, IMF, Harvard University Research, USAID, and Verily, to name a few.


FinMango strategically restructures with a new mission to solve complex problems that endanger the financial health of young adults in transition. This results in FinMango ending our financial education work to focus on data and technology innovations. Our past work in financial education will not be part of our future and can be found here.