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If it matters to you, it matters to us. We've impacted the world with our Open Data.

Our work has been used by many organizations such as the WHO/Covax, The World Bank, IMF, Harvard University Research, USAID, and Verily.

Featured work:

COVID-19 Open Data Project

Collaborating with Google Health on the COVID-19 Open Data Repository. The project is one of the most comprehensive collections of up-to-date COVID-19-related information. Comprising data from more than 20,000 locations worldwide, it contains a rich variety of data types to help public health professionals, researchers, policymakers and others in understanding and managing the virus.
Google Health Landing Page

What we've done:

  • Built a project landing page and a Github page.
  • Provided insights about the pandemic's effects on local economies around the world.
  • Manually aggregated data in 30+ countries for covid cases and vaccinations.
  • Identified sources with data that was automated by Google for 50+ countries.
  • Automated all sub-national level South African data.
  • Google Health appreciation letter.
Contributors: Oscar Wahltinez, Aurora Cheung, Ruth Alcantara, Amy Chou, Pamela Hoalt, PhD; James Glasgow, PhD, James Glasgow, Pharm.D., Scott Glasgow, Martin Noguera, Uday Patel, Kishan Patel, Ojasvinee Singh, Kevin D'Souza, Enrico Buoro, Nathan Immel, Bruna Chixaro, Anthony Schilt, Hector Garcia, Ahana Samat, Sam Holtzapple, Chelsie Kindangen, Angelica Carlos, Dylan Forman, Swetha Sukumar, Tristan Groenewold, Jon Li, Bill Maimone, Esha Sharma, Bryce Chappelear, Corina Newsome, Nicholas Lange, Josh Burton.
Data License: All of our data is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. You can use it for any purpose you want, provided that proper attribution is given.

Insight reports

Guiding Questions

How does day-to-day financial success pave the way for greater resilience and achievement of goals?
How do people maintain daily consumption with seasonal or volatile incomes?
What shocks do people experience and how often?
How do people prepare for, respond to and recover from shocks?
How well are people succeeding with respect to essential goals such as housing, education, starting a business and retirement?

Good Financial Health can Change Everything!

Financial health or wellbeing is the extent to which a person or family can smoothly manage their current financial obligations and have confidence in their financial future. - UNSGSA

Health is wealth.

Poor financial health is a global problem. The little measurement of financial health across the world reveals that a large percentage of the population in most countries are struggling financially. The most geographically comprehensive measurement of financial health to date comes from the WorldBank’s Global Findex, which asked questions about the resilience element of financial health in approximately 150 countries.

Why financial health?